Women in Asset Management

Women in Asset Management Program (WiAM) is an initiative designed to nurture, enhance and celebrate women’s contribution in physical asset management, in line with SAAMA’s diversity and inclusion objectives. We recognise diversity and inclusion as the right thing to do and best way to attract and retain women within physical asset management, so that our SAAMA community can enjoy the benefits that a diverse workforce brings - such as innovation and access to cream of the crop talent.

The program’s main objectives are:

  1. To profile women in asset management across different disciplines (engineering, finance, academia) and different levels (entry, middle and senior)
  2. To profile asset management projects led by women to create awareness of their contribution
  3. To recognise projects led by women through awards
  4. To develop a guideline for companies to improve representation of women in asset management

Tools to be used during the program include LinkedIn, Facebook, webinars for workshops and knowledge sharing via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and in person events. It is important for participants to give consent as their profiles and projects will be published in the spirit of RISE and SHINE motto. 

Call to Action

We call on all SAAMA member companies to encourage their female employees in physical asset management to join the program and support them financially by registering as members. More information is available on this link. Independent members are also welcome to join.

Let’s join hands – as men and women to elevate women by celebrating their contribution and accelerating their progress to inspire more women to join the physical asset management world.

We support South Africa’s Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill and United Nations Women Objectives.

For more information or suggestions, please contact Julia Mamakoko at wiamsaama@vdw.co.za